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 From the beginning, Dumb Blonde Data was always about connecting to other women and like-minded people. People who felt like they either didn't fit the "data stereotype" or  they just felt like  the resources online  could use a little... let's say refresh.

So we have partnered with some badass folks who are  using these tools and skills everyday in the real world. With different personalities, roles, and backgrounds you'll learn some actually usefully content in a much more relatable way.


Expect the same great content we were providing before, but with a better learning experience. We are so excited to highlight the contributors of the Data Collective.


We will still have a membership option to get full access to all tutorials, but now you will also have the option to purchase individual courses. 

Courses Available:

  • Python

  • Tableau

  • SQL

  • Google Analytics

  • VBA

  • Excel

  • and more!

To get started, click the cute little button over there.

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